gray sky

by faddrops

KREUZBERG BIANCA ROTINIKREUZBERG BIf you live in Berlin, you get used to grey skies and rain,, you truly forget to dress colorful, you nearly feel out of space. Fortunately Berlin gives you many other inputs; an incredible architecture that mixes beautiful art deco buildings with other modern structures sometimes adorned by huge graffiti, art galleries, a multitude of  bars and clubs, good music, amazing parks, people from everywhere. I love an homeless lady in Kottbusser Tor metro station dresses with many colored jersey fabric stripes tied around her body, creating a sort of cocoon,,, she is nuts but I find her beautiful The jacket was made by a linen vintage kimono, suede leather and glass buttons by Knopf Paul shop, if you are passionated of these objets and you are in Berlin you must absolutely see this place. The asymmetric tank top is made by leather and silk satin, instead the shorts has been made customizing a huge vintage extremely soft leather skirt, hand made beads peruvian belt, photos by Marta Di Puccio, model Johanna Driest